Beaver Toyota Fund-A-Project Teacher Grants

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It’s Beaver Toyota Fund-A-Project Teacher Grant time

Thank you for your interest, and be sure to apply by October 7, 2020.

The Flagler County Education Foundation empowers teachers by rewarding creative innovative projects through competitively awarded grants each year. These projects enrich a student’s educational experience. Teachers are encouraged to apply with projects that can help to increase teaching quality/improving classroom instruction and increase a teacher’s knowledge and skills at their respective school, with the goal to enhance the districts “Classroom to Careers” focus area.

Teacher grants will be awarded in two areas of focus; projects that increase graduation rates, and projects that help low performing students.

If you are a Flagler School public teacher and interested in applying for a grant please Apply Here.

Funding spent on education has been cut year-after-year across the U.S., and this program gives teachers an extra incentive to create learning projects that otherwise may never occur. Help support our efforts today.

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In 2013 then Superintendent, Jacob Oliva, issued a challenge to all Flagler schools – create a flagship program as a center of excellence in one of the seven growth industries in the county. FCEF went to work helping connect community resources and expertise to support these innovative learning environments. Flagler Schools is unique because of their Flagler Flagship Programs (Careers To Classrooms), with at least one located at each school. Focus area are; agriculture, aerospace, green technology, health science engineering and computer science, marine research, law & justice, teaching & learning, finance, and business.

Click here to learn more about Careers To Classrooms.

To date over one million dollars has been donated by the Flagler County Education Foundation to assist teachers who work hard putting together their creative projects. Last year alone $68,000 was awarded to teachers, touching over 8,500 students in just one year! With your help, this program has inspired well over 100,000 students since 1990. Help support our Fund-A-Project Innovative Teacher Grant Program today.
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