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Classroom To Careers

The Flagler County Education Foundation is proud to help support Flagler County’s Innovative Flagship Programs. Each public school offers a unique Flagship Program, which allows students unique opportunities to discover paths that lead them from the classroom to career success. The Flagler Schools community truly believe our children will drive the future. Let’s ensure they are prepared.

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Due to COVID-19 School tours have been suspended. We have created virtual tours of our Classroom to Career programs. Please click each link below to take a virtual tour.

Belle Terre Elementary School

Bunnell Elementary School

Old Kings Elementary School

Rymfire Elementary School

Wadsworth Elementary School

Buddy Taylor Middle School

Indian Trails Middle School

Flagler Palm Coast High School (Fire, Teaching & Medical) (i3 & Aerospace)

Matanzas High School  (Culinary & Construction Tech) (Finance & Law/Justice)


The Flagler County Economic Development Council identified the following as targeted industries in Flagler County and beyond: advanced manufacturing, agriculture, aviation/aerospace, life sciences and high technology.  Each of the Flagler County Public Schools has developed a center of excellence, or Flagship Program, to engage students’ interests, develop creative thinking, collaboration and skills in science, technology, engineering and math.  These programs are designed to support student career interests as they go from elementary classrooms to high school graduation. This unique design we refer to as the Classrooms to Careers initiative.

Program initiatives listed by each Flagler County Public School:

Elementary School Classroom to Career Flagship Programs

Belle Terre Elementary= Our Flagship focus is innovation, robotics, engineering, and computer science. We are sparking interest and curiosity at a young age that will lead to a multitude of future career opportunities. We are grooming our students for success in the classroom and beyond!

Bunnell Elementary = Our Flagship focus is Agriscience and green technologies. We want our students to understand more about the environment and how they can care for it as they learn and grow themselves.

Old Kings Elementary = Our Flagship focus is Marine Science. Flagler County is a coastal community, and we want our students to better understand the ocean and ecosystem that surrounds us.

Rymfire Elementary = Our Flagship focus is medical science, health and wellness. To live healthy and stay fit is truly a gift and a smart way of life. We want our students healthy and aware of its importance.

Wadsworth Elementary = Our Flagship focus is robotics and everything revolving around STEM studies. We want our students to understand this area of study is taking the world by storm and to succeed is to understand it’s importance.

Middle School Classroom to Career Flagship Programs

Buddy Taylor Middle School = Our Flagship focus is on agronomy, biotechnology, and engineering. Agronomy is the use of plants and soil to produce healthier foods, extract energy from plant life, and manage the impact of agriculture on the earth. Biotechnology is combining technology with living systems to create new processes or products that help to improve our lives. Engineering is the process by which products are developed, tested, modified, and improved over time. Allowing students to become environmental stewards who can think and work in creative ways to solve problems and effectively communicate solutions.

Indian Trails Middle School = Our Flagship focus is on sports leadership academy, engineering and applied robotics, outdoor sciences as well as business and computer science education. These programs support targeted market industries and provide our students with a full understanding of industries in high demand and necessary to driving the future.

High School Classroom to Career Flagship Programs~ 

Flagler Palm Coast High School = Our Flagship focus is on technology, aerospace, Fire Leadership, Teaching & Learning, and International Baccalaureate. These areas of focus offer opportunities to discover paths that lead students from classroom to career success and are based on the targeted industries as identified by economic experts, and areas that are high demand fields of study. 

Matanzas High School = Our Flagship focus is on the culinary arts, marine science/biotechnology, finance, law & justice, and plant biotechnology. We want our students to be well rounded and offer relevant areas of study to not only help our environment, but advance science. These skills will assist students in job placement and further their studies after high school.