Connect Bus

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This compelling and unique program is sure to help change lives for the better. What better way to serve the public then to engage them right where they live, work and frequent. Community engagement doesn’t need to have traditional boundaries, such as meeting places, time and formats. This is why Flagler Schools, in partnership with the Flagler County Education Foundation created the ‘connect’ bus.

Connecting to the community anytime, anyplace, anywhere!

This mobile program is designed to be a flexible learning space equipped with wireless access, multiple device options to access information and create numerous other options for community assistance.

The ‘Connect’ Bus addresses one crucial area of need, bridging the digital divide.

This bus will travel to various locations with school guidance counselors and others to help with an array of things. Things such as, review your child’s school progress via the districts on-line portal (which can access grades, attendance, etc.), access financial aid assistance and other scholarship information, complete on-line financial aid forms, and so much more.

The bus will also be present at various community events, offering assistance to seniors and other community members on using a smart phone, tablets, and other devices. The bus will also be used to help with things, such as; childhood screenings, prepare taxes, register to vote, sign-up for various clubs/activities, and find out what services are perhaps available to you and you didn’t know about…and much more.

The ‘Connect’ Bus can be utilized to take its service to all areas of the Flagler community. This program is going to kick-off in late 2017. Help support our efforts and donate today.