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The Flagler County Education Foundation is a direct support to Flagler County Public Schools – and what a large responsibility and honor. We help empower teachers to create innovative and enriching educational experiences. Teachers are encouraged to apply for an innovative funding grant to advance teaching quality/improving classroom instruction and projects that increase a teacher’s knowledge and skills. Funding spent on education has been cut year-after-year across the U.S. This program gives teachers that extra incentive to create learning programs that otherwise may not ever occur. A student needs to be engaged, or they don’t learn.

Teacher grants will be awarded in two areas; projects that advance teaching quality/improving classroom instruction, and projects that increase a teacher’s knowledge and skills. 

If you are a teacher in Flagler County Public Schools and are interested in applying for an innovative teacher grant, please click here

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Do you want to help thank teachers for spending so many countless hours educating our youth? Do you want our children to be creative, engaged, to build self-confidence? Do you care about your community and who will take over running it?

The Flagler County Education Foundation believes these life-changing programs truly help build an entire community by increasing its economic staying power. The more creative and innovative our young people are, the more likely they will succeed in today fast paced world.  Click here to learn more about past Innovative Teacher Grants.

Flagler Schools are unique because of their Flagler Flagship Programs, with one located at each of our 13 schools.  The Flagler County Education Foundation focuses a lot of effort toward supporting these Flagship Programs, by providing funding for them. In 2013 then Superintendent, Jacob Oliva, issued a challenge to all schools – create a Flagship program as a center of excellence in one of the seven growth industries in Flagler County. The Flagler County Education Foundation went to work helping to connect community resources and expertise to support these innovative learning environments. Flagship Programs focus on these areas; agriculture, aerospace, green technology, health science engineering and computer science, marine research, law & justice, teaching & learning, finance and business. Learn more about our Flagship Programs here.

Josh Crews Writing Project

The ability to effectively communicate and inspire is a lifelong skill that is valuable regardless of career choice.  The Josh Crews writing project inspires young authors by giving them a means by which they can write their own stories and have them published. This is yet another area of focus when funding teacher innovative programs.  Seeing their work in print makes writing fun and is a springboard for future authors.

Help us support all the teachers in the district by offering innovative classroom grants that assist in the purchasing of items such as; technology, supplies, and even educational trips. Once a year teachers submit a detailed, well thought-out written plan, with data as to what they need and why? We have a committee of community members, district leaders and the Education Foundation Board who come together to decide, after spending a few weeks reading through all the proposals. The more funding we receive the more projects are funded. These projects all have measurable data that can prove real learning took place. Students then present their projects at various school board meetings so the public can see their donor dollars in action. Past results have not only shown real learning taking place, but have increased attendance, and overall class participation. Research indicates that an engaged student strives harder to learn – and wants to stay in school.

To date thousands of dollars have been donated by the Flagler County Education Foundation and have assisted many teachers who have worked hard to put together their projects. Last year alone we donated over $68,000 to teachers in Flagler County, touching over 8,500 students just in one year! Our impact, with your help, has inspired well over 100,000 students since 1990. Help support our Innovative Teacher Grant Program today.
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