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Economic opportunity begins with education. Attracting and retaining companies requires a pool of qualified workers in the near proximity.  The FCEF actively partners with local companies to understand their workforce needs and facilitates discussions with the school district to close gaps.

“Flagler County’s future economy depends on how well we prepare our youngest generation for success after high school, whether that’s college of career training,” said Helga van Eckert, director of Flagler County Department of Economic Opportunity. “By using what we know and our partnerships with businesses in Flagler, we can help to develop our economy and strengthen the local workforce.”


FCEF expands educational opportunities by removing obstacles that prevent student achievement. FCEF raises funds to provide college scholarships, school supplies and essential clothing items to vulnerable students while recognizing and furthering achievement opportunities for promising scholars.


The FCEF’s work is wide-reaching and directly impacts even those individuals and families without school age children. A successful educational system has a strong correlation to increased property values, lower crime rates, increased economic strength and a greater ability to attract new residents to the community.

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