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Back2School Jam

Flagler County Education Foundation participates in the Back2School Jam, making it possible for families to purchase backpacks and polo shirts at cost of $5 each.  This is not a fundraiser for the foundation, rather it is a way for the foundation to make sure the basics are available to families…

OKES to Create a Fish Hatchery

Last school year, Old Kings Elementary established their Marine Science Flagship program.  Generous donations from a family foundation provided students with materials and supplies to create a touch tank, marine science laboratory and kits to create robots that compete by successfully navigating an underwater obstacle course. This year the same…

What! Another School Year!

Welcome back to school students!  The Flagler County Education Foundation can't wait to see the engaging and exciting projects that will become a reality through the Innovation Mini-Grant Program.  This year, the foundation will award $30,000 to the most innovative teachers in the district.