Weathering & Erosion

Project: Weathering and Erosion of the Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine, FL  

School: Rymfire Elementary

Teachers: Heather Doutrick (team leader), Laura Bury, Rachel Bovina, Craig Cavaliere, Jessica Gonzalez, Jennifer Lujan, Stacey Main, Minnich, Sonya Perry

More than 150 students had the opportunity to take a trip back in time thanks to an Innovation Mini Grant awarded to a team of innovative teachers who worked collaboratively across curriculum areas to enable 4 th grade students master curriculum content while learning about architecture, building materials and the people who lived in St. Augustine in the 1500s. Students were able to see the erosion of both the fort and coastline and study the forces and conditions that caused the erosion. In addition students were able to gain insights into the lives of the inhabitants of the oldest city in the nation and contrast with life today. The majority of the funding provided by the grant provided transportation for students to visit St. Augustine, a place the majority of student had not visited in spite of St. Augustine’s close proximity to Palm Coast.