More Power for Engineering

Project Title:  More Power for Engineering 

School:  Wadsworth Elementary

Teachers:  Marilee Palot (project leader), Martin Evans, Tammie Gray, Val Sanson

One-hundred and sixty-two students were asked to identify a problem from Sixth Grade Curriculum content, use materials to investigate and gather information about the problem, develop a solution and build a structure or robot of their own design to remediate or solve the problem.  One hundred percent of funding was used to purchase materials. Teachers worked collaboratively to coach students and chart the progress of the student's work.  Here is what the students had to say about the project:

"Lots of fun!"

"It was hard, but I enjoyed the challenge."

"It was fun and I enjoyed the building."                    

"I liked it because I didn't have to stick to instructions."

"I liked it because it was something I've never done before, building something that was electrical."