LittleBits, Big Science

Project:  LittleBits, Big Science

School:  Rymfire Elementary

Teacher:  Susanne Stone

"LittleBits, Big Science" is a project created by Suzanne Stone that engages students grades 3-6 in learning the basic components of computer technology, allowing them to become a part of the "maker revolution."  Suzanne won an Innovation Mini Grant to pay for builder kits that will be used in her class for several years.  

Builder kits with electronics and sensors provide students with the opporutnity to learn basic coding that is the springboard for students to create robotic prototypes.  Engineering, Technology, Math and Science are woven into all subject areas, especially in engineering solutions and understanding technology used in the healthcare industry.  Rymfire Elementary Flagship focus is Medical Sciences, Health and Fitness.  Sixty-one percent of the 49 students who participated in the project, report a greater interest in the STEM subjects.