Connecting students to career pathways and building a strong and diverse economy are the long-term goals for the foundation and its partners. The immediate pay-off can be seen in increased student engagement, motivation and knowledge of careers requiring science, technology, engineering and math. 

2013-14 Bunnell Elementary Agri-Science and Green Technologies

FCEF awarded the first $10,000 Flagship School Grant to Bunnell Elementary to create an outdoor learning classroom, complete with a greenhouse, water table and crops grown using traditional methods as well as aeroponic and hydroponic systems.  Business partners include: Weather STEM, Flagler County Extension Services and local farms.

2014-15 Rymfire Elementary Medical Lab

FCEF partnered with Florida Hospital Flagler to create a medical lab where students are able to conduct medical research and experiments related to medical sciences.  Moving away from traditional lecture, read-and-respond teaching, teachers have become coaches that utilize technology and innovation to inspire successful collaboration and problem solving.